Clean, High-Efficiency Engine Solutions
for Heavy Duty Transportation

ClearFlame Engines is a Palo Alto, CA based startup company.

We're developing a fuel-agnostic drop-in Diesel engine replacement that affords higher torque, increased efficiency, and cleaner emissions.

Our Mission

To develop a heavy-duty engine platform that thrives on clean, alternative fuels, simultaneously providing more power at higher efficiency and with lower emissions, at a comparable or reduced engine cost.

Backed by Research

Our concept is backed by experimental data, grounded in technology developed during our graduate studies in Palo Alto.

Our findings, as well as extensive experience and interactions with large OEMs, has driven us to conduct further research, in hopes to develop and scale our technology. 

Significantly Higher Torque. Lower Emissions.

Using renewable, low-carbon, domestically-sourced fuels, we've developed a patented system to replace the traditional Diesel engine. Our concept has been validated in a laboratory setting, and we are currently applying our techniques to a commercial setting.

According to the New York Times...

New rules require heavy-duty trucks to reduce emissions by 25% over the next decade.

The ClearFlame Engines Team:

Graduates of Stanford University’s Advanced Energy Systems Laboratory

BJ Johnson Headshot

BJ Johnson, Ph.D

Ph. D Research:  Experimental validation of high performance, low emissions engine operation using low-sooting fuels.

Julie Blumreiter Headshot

Julie Blumreiter, Ph.D

Ph. D Research:  Design, construction of an optical access engine for heavy-duty combustion research.

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